Frequently Asked Questions

Try at least 10 numbers. Also change your cellular operator or change the country of the number. If sms does not come for more than 5-10 minutes, feel free to cancel the number and order another number for free. Money will be returned to balance, you pay only received sms. Deliverability of sms depends on the sender. Average time of arrival of sms - 1-5 minutes.

Try to register from a smartphone or other browser. Change the user agent, proxy server that will change your IP address (or install a VPN of the country in which you buy rooms). Not all VPNs can help, because their IP addresses can also be blacklisted by the security system of the selected service).

Money is automatically returned to the balance after 20 minutes if the SMS did not come, if you do not want to wait, cancel the number through the button "Cancel number".

If these recommendations did not help and you have already tried more than 20 numbers but have not received an sms, write to the support service. Be sure to specify the country and service from which you can not get sms with the code.

Use the "not on the list" menu item to register a site (service) that is not on the general list.

If you cannot find required country but want to buy more than 200 sms per day write to support to agree upon commercial terms. We currently have 184 countries available.

Try to change your mobile operator. If the number of numbers is more than 20 but when you try to buy a number you receive a message that there are no swap numbers, it means that our provider of phone numbers is doing technical work, they can end in 5 minutes or more than a few hours. Try clicking "Buy" at least 5 times at different intervals. If this error is not resolved after 24 hours, please contact our support team.

The fact is that this situation, as already occupied by another user or blocked, happens due to the reissue of a telephone number by a cellular operator for which there was already a registration. Unfortunately, it is impossible to check the occupancy of a number in a particular site for technical reasons.

What to do? Just cancel the current number and order another phone number, the money will automatically return to the balance if the SMS did not come.

If you funded with cryptocurrency, the processing speed of your payment depends on the load of the blockchain network and can be credited in 12 hours (the lower network commission you set the higher processing time). Separately your payment is processed by Coinbase, crediting can be 3 hours.

Our number providers see the statistics on the use of numbers online. They add new numbers without a time limit. The availability of numbers is updated every minute. SMS prices depend on demand. The higher the demand, the higher the price.

If this menu item is not available in the country, it means that there were no numbers for a long time. We recommend using another country.

If a wrong code arrives, just request another SMS.

Check your proxy/vpn. Usually this error is due to an incorrect IP or due to old data in the browser. It helps either to change it to another browser, or to clear the current one.

We remind you that if a message with a confirmation code is not received, then such a number is considered unsuccessful and the funds will be returned to your balance after 20 minutes of waiting or cancellation on your part.